I am Jay, a photographer who has always (for one reason or another) had budget limitations restricting my photography. At the same time, I have tried and tested every piece of gear I could get my hands on for the past several years.

Through all this testing, I have taken extensive notes, cataloged shoots, and shared my experiences with others on many different websites, and through many different groups. Most of this sharing was well received, so I decided to start putting more and more effort into getting more budget gear to test.

That’s how this blog began. As of the launch of this blog (10/1/13) I have been gathering gear, testing it out, and planning out articles and reviews for about 3 years, so I have quite a bit of content ready to put out to the public. As this progresses, I will continue to get more gear, test more, and hopefully become a resource to the community.


I so often hear people saying that “getting anything less than the best” is worthless. When someone asks for a recommendation for studio lighting, with a $200 budget there’s always that guy that says to skip all the “junk” and save up for Profoto.

But what happens then? Two years go by where that aspiring photographer has ZERO experience with studio lighting, and has learned absolutely nothing. Would that photographer not be better served by getting something… and spending that time learning about photography?┬áThat’s the road I always recommend. Get what you can NOW, and start learning NOW.

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