During its infancy, this blog needs a lot of help. I don’t ever intend for it to become a job, or make any great deal of money, but I would like it to eventually become a self-sustaining entity. What I mean by that is I would love for it to make enough that I can continue to get more and more gear to test out and review (which in turn gets sold cheaply to other budgetographers to help them get a start.)

You can help by reading the blog, sharing it with your friends (Facebook is a fantastic sharing tool) and if you come across something I have reviewed that you think you’d like to get for yourself, follow the links in the articles. These are affiliate links, and tag me as a referral for purchases made through them. The more referrals, the easier it is for me to get more items to test from these sites.

Or – you could simply buy me a beer. This whole blog, and everything behind it came about from me picking up gear, and recommending it to my friends. They would say “Thanks” by buying me a beer when we went out. It’s a sentimental practice I wouldn’t mind keeping alive in spirit. All donated beer money goes towards getting new gear to test, though if you specify in the notes, I will gladly raise one in your honor.

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